List of Possible Accident-Related Injuries

In addition to the common injuries presented as a checkbox list, users of my instant case analysis tool can also search for the following injury types. I assign a severity level to each type of injury in my case analysis.

You can search using medical terminology or natural language. Below, I’ve included several examples of alternative terms that will bring up specific injuries.

  1. Cervical Dislocation (or ‘dislocated neck’, ‘neck dislocation’)
  2. Fractured Bone (or ‘broken bones’, ‘fractured bones’, ‘bone fragments’)
  3. Disc Injury (or ‘herniated disc’, ‘ruptured disc’, ‘displaced disc’, ‘torn disc’, ‘slipped disc’, ‘collapsed disc’, ‘bulging disc’, ‘disc protrusion’, ‘black disc’, ‘disc disease’)
  4. Nerve Injury (or ‘sciatica’, ‘compressed nerve’, ‘pinched nerve’)
  5. Bruised Ligaments (or ‘bruised spinal cord’)
  6. Nerve Damage (or ‘destroyed axons’, ‘brachial plexus damage’)
  7. Neck Strain (or ‘neck sprain’, ‘stiffness in neck’, ‘neck spasms’)
  8. Back Strain (or ‘lumbar strain’)
  9. Mid-Back Injury (or ‘mid-back soreness’, ‘middle back injury’, ‘thoracic radiculopathy’)
  10. Neck Pain (or ‘soreness in neck’, ‘cervical radiculopathy’)
  11. Lower Back Pain (or ‘lumbar radiculopathy’, ‘sore back’, ‘lumbar pain’, etc.)
  12. Spinal Damage (‘fractured spine’, ‘damaged vertebrae’, ‘spine injuries’, etc.)
  13. Nose Bleed (or ‘bloody nose’)
  14. Broken Nose
  15. Jaw Disorder (or ‘TMJ’)
  16. Dental Injuries (or ‘cracked teeth’, ‘chipped teeth’, ‘damaged teeth’, ‘broken veneers’, etc.)
  17. Contusions (or ‘black eye’, ‘facial bruises’)
  18. Abrasions (or ‘gashes’, ‘scrapes’, ‘cuts’, ‘graze’)
  19. Bowel Injuries (or ‘bladder injury’, ‘loss of bowel control’, etc.
  20. Kidney Injuries (or ‘ruptured kidney’, ‘bruised kidneys’, etc.)
  21. Spleen Injuries
  22. Liver Injuries
  23. Lung Injuries
  24. Heart Injuries
  25. Aorta Injuries
  26. Dislocated Ribs
  27. Fractured Ribs
  28. Organ Puncture
  29. Internal Bleeding
  30. Hernia
  31. Emotional Distress
  32. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  33. Sleep Disorders
  34. Concussion
  35. Other Hematomas
  36. Epidural Hematomas
  37. Subdural Hematomas
  38. Brain Injury
  39. Dizziness
  40. Visual Disturbance
  41. Tinnitus
  42. Brain Hemorrhage
  43. Torn Ligaments
  44. Cervical Fractures
  45. Dislocation
  46. Torn Cartilage
  47. Dislocated Kneecap
  48. Rotator Cuff Injuries
  49. Arm Numbing
  50. Hand Numbing
  51. Leg Numbing
  52. Foot Numbing
  53. Shoulder Pain
  54. Coma
  55. Stroke
  56. Loss of Senses
  57. Paralysis
  58. Loss of Body Parts
  59. Severed Arm
  60. Severed Hand
  61. Severed Finger
  62. Severed Leg
  63. Severed Foot
  64. Severed Toe
  65. Severed Nose
  66. Severed Ear
  67. Severed Penis
  68. Severed Breast
  69. General Body Pain
  70. First-Degree Skin Burn
  71. Second-Degree Skin Burn
  72. Third-Degree Skin Burn
  73. Fainting
  74. Heart Attack